Our Web Design Process


Time Tested ProcessWe have a time tested process for building websites that produce results. We will work together with you from start to finish, to create a website that reflects your unique requirements.

We seek out clients who are passionate and knowledgeable about their business, and who recognize the value of collaboration. In our experience, truly successful sites are created out of a healthy back and forth, utilizing everyone’s input and skills.

We seek out clients who are passionate and knowledgeable about their business, and who recognize the value of collaboration.

buzztone - we make websites that turn up the volume

1. Web Design Phase

Initial Questions

Initial QuestionsWe’ll ask a few initial questions like “What is the primary goal of your website?” and then move into fun things like company branding, example websites and what you like about them, and what types of content you’ll have on the site.

We’ll also map out the functionality you need on your website including things like photo galleries, YouTube videos or Google Maps. We will then advise you on the various options you have to make these things happen and their estimated cost.

Theme & Plugin Selection

1000's of Themes & PluginsWordPress has a simply vast array of themes (which control the overall look of your site) and plugins (which add functionality to your site) available for your website.

The range is so large that it can be simply overwhelming for most people. So we’ll guide you through this vast forest of options (we know the paths well) to help you select themes and plugins which are suitable for your requirements.

You can select from a vast range of both free and Premium (some cost involved) theme & plugins. We find most clients (especially those with limited budgets) are able to find a range of themes & plugins that meet all their requirements.

If you find a theme or plugin meets most most of your requirements, but there are some areas where you would like done differently, we can also use custom programming to modify the theme or plugin as required, depending on your budget.

Web Design

One-off DesignIf you have a sufficient budget, we can create a completely unique custom WordPress theme just for you. Depending on the complexity of your website, we’ll start out with either wireframe or Photoshop mockups of your site, which we will present for your approval. If necessary, we’ll revise the design based on your feedback, until you are happy with the look and feel of your new website.

We can create a unique one-off website design that enhances your unique business style.

buzztone - we make websites that turn up the volume

2. Web Development Phase

Build WordPress Website

Built with WordPressWe then go off and build your website using WordPress and whatever other tools might be needed.

We start all our projects with our own rock solid , WordPress framework, that we’ve refined over many projects. We’ll make sure that your site is safe and secure as possible from outside attack and supported by a professional backup and updating system, to keep things running smoothly.

We’ll then setup the theme and plugins we have selected together and configure the website so it’s ready for your content. Finally we’ll put in some dummy content and present the site to you as a live Beta website.

The Beta

WordPress AdminThe Beta is the approved website design, any custom code we’ve written and WordPress all mixed together, so you can begin using your website and importantly start adding the real content.

During the Beta, you can also dive into the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to get familiar with how to create, manage and format pages, upload images etc.

Adding Content

As you now have a fully functioning WordPress website, it’s time to start adding all those wonderful photos and well crafted words you have for your site.

You can also create photo galleries, add YouTube videos or Google Maps, and start using any of the functionality we’ve built into your website using the vast range of plugins available for WordPress.

The Beta site is only visible to you and us, so it’s safe to play around with different options to see what works best.

If you prefer you can also pay us to assist you with adding both words and images to your website.

buzztone - we make websites that turn up the volume

3. Going Live Phase

Going Live ChecklistWhen you’re happy with everything on the Beta site, we step in again to take your site live for the whole world to see.

We follow a detailed checklist to make sure we cover the long list of different things that need to be done to launch a website properly.

We’ll also advise you about some decisions that need to be made in this phase based on your medium to long term needs and budget.

Going Live Checklist

Standard (included)Extras (optional)
Website Hosting
Domain Name Delegation
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Security Monitoring
Automatic Backups
Cross-browser Checking
Google Analytics
Email Addresses
Domain Name Registration
Redirection of previous website
Social Media Integration
SEM - Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing

We offer a comprehensive range of web services to cover your needs and budget.

4. Training & Support Phase


Our aim is empower our clients to learn to use WordPress as quickly & easily as possible. We offer a range of training services to help clients to learn in the way that suits them and their budget.


We also recognise the need to be there quickly and easily when our clients need a bit of help using WordPress. We offer a range of support services to help our clients when things go a little pear-shaped … we’re only a phone call or email away.

After the site has been handed over to you, we’re always available for questions, to help resolve issues, or to add new functionality down the line as your site grows.