Mary Whelan – StandEzy Solutions

The new StandEzy website has given our business a terrific boost – buzztone delivered a dynamic, interactive site for ourselves and our customers.

Their professional and technical advice guided us on style, content and priorities so our website was easy to use and engaging for potential customers to quickly browse for all the key messages re our products.

The ‘Contact Us’ and Request a Trial’ forms have streamlined our interaction with potential customers by capturing all the important information from their initial contact with us. This then makes it very easy for a customer to choose ‘Request a Trial’ and us to expedite it quickly. As our success rate from product trials is over 90% this is an important new feature of our website which is delivering regular sales.

The pages which tell the personal stories of some of our customers demonstrate that StandEzy gives hope and a way to achieve greater mobility in their lives. This product information speaks to the client themselves, while the technical and detailed ‘Products’ pages list the information therapists and managers are looking for.

I recommend buzztone for your new website.

Mary WhelanMary Whelan – StandEzy Solutions