Kelly Country Pick

Kelly Country Pick

The Kelly Country Pick is a winter Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Convention based in the historic town of Beechworth.

The website is the main means by which the Convention is promoted each year and provides extensive information for visitors including a full Program with detailed information on each Performer, links to Accomodation in the area and Photo Galleries from previous conventions.

We helped the organisers convert an existing static html site to WordPress, so they could much more easily change the content every year. After some initial training by us, they have become skilled at using WordPress to update and improve the website each year.

The website uses a free WordPress theme selected by the client which has been slighlty customised by us to overcome a couple of limitations in the existing theme. Several free plugins are used help with things like presentation of the program.

We provide ongoing support including backup, update and maintenance of the site as well as answer questions and fix things when they sometimes go a little astray.

I cannot recommend the professional services of buzztone more highly, as the administrator and co-ordinator of the Kelly Country Pick – a small non-profit regional music festival in Victoria … [Read More]

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